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Limb Circulatory Blockages

When circulatory blockages threaten the viability of a patient’s limbs, certain factors, such as the patient's age or overall health, can complicate treatment. Saving limbs requires both the advanced medical capabilities and the specialized equipment available at the Heart and Vascular Consultants (HVC).

HVC is devoted to saving limbs at risk for amputation.


We employ a multidisciplinary team approach incorporating cardiovascular medicine, integrative medicine, behavioral health and nutrition and exercise to provide each patient with the best possible outcome.


We can also review every patient’s original diagnosis and treatment plan and provide a second opinion, as well as recommend additional treatment options.

Limb Circulatory Blockages Doctors Heart and Vascular Consultants in Detroit and Livonia Michigan

Services and Treatments


Our services and treatments of Limb Circulatory Blockages include:


  • Atherosclerotic risk factor assessment

  • Nutritional analysis

  • Glucose control

  • Exercise physiology

  • Lifestyle modification

  • Smoking cessation

  • Aggressive lipid management

  • Patient education and participation

  • Medication management

  • Non-surgical options

  • Peripheral arterial angioplasty

  • Balloon angioplasty

  • Stent placement

  • Atherectomy

  • Cryoplasty

  • Wound care

  • Surgical reconstruction

  • Bypass surgery

  • Endarterectomy

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